Saturday, 22 January 2011


you can hear a version of the track manunkind at darren francis' myspace page. this track features darren francis reading the e e cummings poem pity this busy monster, manunkind with music by logos, and was one of the earliest logos tracks, created back in june 2010. this version is a massive edit of the original, and omits the seven minute instrumental introduction. we expect that one version or another of this track will feature as a logos free track of the week in future.

at darren francis' myspace page you can also hear some other tracks featuring df's voice, including tracks from the god thing spoken word-with-music album. god thing was created in spring 2010 but df was then side-tracked by logos and never finalised the mix. god thing will be finished and available very shortly, and we'll post details here.

Monday, 17 January 2011

logos free track of the week # 3

today's logos free track of the week is a track we likely won't be making available anywhere else (for the foreseeable future and in this form at least).

canticle was the second logos track created and we're still fond of it. it very nearly appeared on gehenna now. though it sounds a world away from where we are now in some respects, here it is if you want it.

why didn't it make the gehenna now mark? a sample, pure and simple. obscure but recognisable - to us at least - and we didn't feel comfortable releasing it. giving it away is a different matter.

note that this draft is the demo created way back in april 2010. we did consider re-working it before putting it out today but opted not to. so you get the original, warts and all.