Thursday, 14 March 2013

logos website now online

the logos website is now online at so please head over and have a look.

please note that from now on, will be the new home for the logos blog, so please update your bookmarks. all future logos blogs will appear on there; we will no longer be updating this blogspot blog with new posts.

we've also recently completed the mammoth task of migrating all the historic posts from this blogspot blog to our new one. this took a lot longer than expected - there were more than a hundred posts to transfer, which we did one at a time, though at least the exercise gave us the opportunity to tidy things up and, where appropriate, add coments and updates. we don't necessarily expect people to trawl through the whole thing in one sitting - though by all means knock yourself out if you want to - but it's invaluable to us as an archive of the logos history so far.