Saturday, 24 September 2011

logos free track of the week # 10

our latest logos free track of the week is, as previously announced, the looming tower - download it here.

this track was created at the end of september 2010; click the tag below for further information.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


here at logos towers, we've begun work on re-sculpting and mixing tracks for our third album shamania. the track listing will differ - though not drastically to that set out in our post dated 27th november 2010.

logos' darren francis has been busy with writing projects. you can follow this aspect of df's work on facebook here.

the next logos free track of the week is on its way. this is scheduled to be the unreleased* the looming tower. we may put out two very different versions - we're not sure yet. we'll put it up as soon as we've finished tinkering with it.

* albeit an early version did appear on our myspace page for a while.