Sunday, 24 June 2012

logos on cd

both our albums gehenna now and ascending a line in the sky to sothis will shortly be available on cd, for those of you who prefer a more physical, tactile medium to their music than downloadable files.

we'll also be making a rather different mix of our third album shamania available on cd in the near future. we say 'different mix' because the album is way too long to fit onto a single disc and rather than splitting it over multiple discs we'd rather reshape the music to fit one disc. this will be available after we've released the album for download.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


we've finished the mix of our third album shamania. we'll set a release date once we've finalised the artwork, which won't take long.

herewith the track listing:

01. anodyne (18.51)
02. deepblue2519 (3.44)
03. [ / ] (14.59)
04. unified field object (15.00)
05. [ - / + ] (13.33)
06. [ - ] (30.44)
07. hypogirl (5.45)
08. shamania (18.15)
09. sidereal (21.30)
10. tesseract [deepblue2519 reprise] (3.42)

at last! says the world, and we concur. many of these tracks are nigh two years old.

the more astute amongst you, and regular logos blog readers, will note that a number of tracks from these sessions don't appear in this final listing. we know. it changed a great deal, tracks added, tracks taken away, but this listing is the one that works best. we'll put out the remainder, free tracks of the week or elsewhere; one way or another you'll eventually get to hear them all.

[edit, 25 october 2012] we spoke too soon here; shamania was remixed quite a bit after we made this post...

Monday, 11 June 2012

come to now

a new track, created 9th june 2012, for an as-yet-untitled future album.

the shamania mix is almost done, and has taken far longer than we were expecting. we'll have more news on that album anon.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Logos News Update June 2012

though it may not seem that way, we've been busy at logos towers. we're still tinkering with the mix to our third album shamania, which we'll put out as soon as we're happy with it. we are also creating new music, and will let you hear some of our new tracks ere long.

you can hear some tracks from shamania at our soundcloud page here. we've also released two of those tracks as free tracks of the week which you can download here.

we recently created two mixes of the track the village at rest by the band uncertain (from their aether: musick for moths album, which you can hear - and download for free - here. we've also created several 'for the fun of it' unofficial coil mixes, which you can listen to (and download for free) at the same link.

we're very pleased to announce also that we have a track coming out on a compilation album shortly, and hope to be able to give you full details in our next update.

logos free track of the week # 15

our latest free track of the week is deepblue2519, from our forthcoming third album shamania. listen - and download - here.

mu-ur mothership

another of our unofficial, 'for the fun of it' coil mixes, this blends elements of the tracks the mothership and the fatherland and mu-ur from coil's 1999 album astral disaster. we always thought mothership... worked best as an extended intro to mu-ur and wanted to combine the two to see how it came out. the first mix of this we did ran to over half an hour, but we hacked it down to a more manageable 18 minutes. if that sounds excessive, bear in mind that the original two tracks combined add up to 45.06. please note that this is not in any way an 'official' mix or endorsed by coil or their trustees. please also note that we do not claim or pretend to have ownership of this track or its copyright. we have created this track purely for our own entertainment and share it freely.