Wednesday, 20 June 2012


we've finished the mix of our third album shamania. we'll set a release date once we've finalised the artwork, which won't take long.

herewith the track listing:

01. anodyne (18.51)
02. deepblue2519 (3.44)
03. [ / ] (14.59)
04. unified field object (15.00)
05. [ - / + ] (13.33)
06. [ - ] (30.44)
07. hypogirl (5.45)
08. shamania (18.15)
09. sidereal (21.30)
10. tesseract [deepblue2519 reprise] (3.42)

at last! says the world, and we concur. many of these tracks are nigh two years old.

the more astute amongst you, and regular logos blog readers, will note that a number of tracks from these sessions don't appear in this final listing. we know. it changed a great deal, tracks added, tracks taken away, but this listing is the one that works best. we'll put out the remainder, free tracks of the week or elsewhere; one way or another you'll eventually get to hear them all.

[edit, 25 october 2012] we spoke too soon here; shamania was remixed quite a bit after we made this post...

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