Monday, 4 June 2012

Logos News Update June 2012

though it may not seem that way, we've been busy at logos towers. we're still tinkering with the mix to our third album shamania, which we'll put out as soon as we're happy with it. we are also creating new music, and will let you hear some of our new tracks ere long.

you can hear some tracks from shamania at our soundcloud page here. we've also released two of those tracks as free tracks of the week which you can download here.

we recently created two mixes of the track the village at rest by the band uncertain (from their aether: musick for moths album, which you can hear - and download for free - here. we've also created several 'for the fun of it' unofficial coil mixes, which you can listen to (and download for free) at the same link.

we're very pleased to announce also that we have a track coming out on a compilation album shortly, and hope to be able to give you full details in our next update.

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