Thursday, 30 December 2010


another new shamania track, db00215 was created on the evening of 22nd december 2010, with some reshaping and remixing on 30th december 2010.

edit, 25th october 2012: this track was cut from the final track listing of shamania. it remains unreleased.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

logos free track of the week # 2

we've uploaded another free logos track for you to download, an alternate version of hollow hills of london. this version completely restructures the track and massively truncates the eight minute introduction to the original.

download it here -

we've decided we're going to keep previous free tracks of the week up for a little longer (the original plan was that as soon as we uploaded a new track we'd take the last one down) to enable people to download them if they've not had a chance to yet.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

news update

things have been rather quiet on planet logos this month - publicly at least. aside from our being busy with personal (non-musical) concerns, we're finalising the mix of our second album ascending a line in the sky to sothis, which we intend to have out by the end of this month. we're also about to release our second logos free track of the week, which will be an alternate - and much-shorter - version of hollow hills of london. more news on both of these very shortly.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

[ + ]

another new shamania track. its difficult to pin this track's date precisely; the foundation is taken from the track enoch's ladder (which we have now scrapped), but it was finalised in this version on 11th december 2010. in early december 2010 there were one or two other tentative drafts, but we don't have a record of the dates. no matter.

edit, 25th october 2012: this was cut from the final track listing of shamania as we didn't feel that it fitted with the flow of the album. it remains unreleased.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


on 4th december 2010 logos' darren francis had a tattoo done based upon/inspired by the logos avatar beastie. herewith a photo:-


yes, the tee-shirt is a bit of shameless advertising for another band (the rather wonderful she wants revenge) but we like the tattoo so much we can forgive df that.

[ - / + ]

another new shamania track, created on the evenings of 30th november and 2nd december*. we think shamania is shaping up to be our favourite logos album.

we'll be finalising the ascending a line in the sky to sothis mix this month, and hope to have that completed and released by the end of the year.

edit, 25th october 2012: this track was re-named hypoboy for the final shamania mix.

* although this track appears in the shamania track listing we gave in an earlier post, at that stage we only had a preliminary mental sketch of it and hadn't actually created it. the same applies for several other tracks in that listing.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

here is the love that lists where it will

herewith, the current track listings for our shamania and everything we ever were albums, and the current cover art*. we are working on both concurrently. whichever gets finished first will be released first.

why do we post this? post details of works still in progress, still mutable? partly to give you an insight into the process, partly to record for ourselves. snapshot of a procedure. you won't recognise the names of some of these tracks because we've not finished them.

* both cover images - which we think fantastic - are by our friend debb rooken-smith.

everything we ever were

01. the side effects of october
02. desert star 1
03. he knows the use of ashes
04. deepblue2519
05. dreamer
06. lend you
07. crepuscular
08. friends
09. thursday to wednesday [into the void]
10. be with me
11. sunday to tuesday [no one calls]
12. everybody goes
13. tesseract [deepblue2519 reprise]



01. anodyne
02. [ / ]
03. db00215
04. [- / + ]
05. fire in the mind
06. [ - ]
07. anhedoniac
08. [ + ]
09. [ # ]
10. hypoboy
11. hypogirl
12. shamania
13. bipolar binary

due to the duration of some of these tracks, this will be - at least - a double CD-length album.


Friday, 26 November 2010

[ # ]

another shamania track. at this rate, shamania may end up being finished before everything we ever were. we jump between the two projects, as and where we are taken. our intuitions lead; we follow.

this re-works the main elements of our track lie to me into a new and rather different beast. as such now consider lie to me extinct. it works much better in its new context, we feel. but then we would say that. the more we shape shamania, the better it slots in. the more we shape everything we ever were, the less of a home it has there.

edit, 25th october 2012: this was cut from the final track listing of shamania as we didn't feel that it fitted with the flow of the album. it remains unreleased.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


more shamania, created on the evenings of 23rd and 24th november 2010.

this track recycles many elements of the porpoise principle - as such, consider that track now scrapped. it was something of an orphan anyway, created for ascending a line in the sky to sothis but we could never find a satisfactory way to slot it into the track listing for that album and it's been adrift since then. no matter; a home has been found here.

edit, 25th october 2012: this was cut from the final track listing of shamania as we didn't feel that it fitted with the flow of the album though we did put a version of it out as a free track of the week.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

fire in the mind

we mentioned in an earlier post (on 28th september) that we'd renamed the track fire in the mind (to the looming tower) because we wanted to use that name for another track we had planned.

that track - the new fire in the mind - is now done, finished late into last night, and is set for our fourth album shamania.

creating new tracks with more than one project in mind, switching between them as we go, isn't new for us. ascending a line in the sky for sothis was all created at the same time as we were working on gehenna now, as were a number of other tracks which we don't have a home for yet. it's just the way we do things. the shamania and everything we ever were tracks are very different in style and what we work on depends which way our mood takes us on a particular evening.

edit, 25th october 2012: this was cut from the final track listing of shamania as we didn't feel that it fitted with the flow of the album. it remains unreleased.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

the owls are not what they seem

although this is an old track, for some reason we've never put details of it on this blog - likely because we worked on it on and off over quite a long period - so thought we would rectify that.

it was one of our earlier tracks; in fact it's based on the backing track used for darren francis' podcast binary (which pre-dates logos), featuring df reading his short story of the same name. we re-worked it into this much longer and more elaborate piece in mid-may (we don't have a note of the dates, but remember it was at the same time as we were working on conduit closing and unified field object, both of which this track share a sibling relationship with). we went back to it several times after that; the most recent mp3 of it we have - which would have been the day we last worked on it - is dated 29th july 2010.

Friday, 19 November 2010

[ - ]

further shamania. is this even music? who knows? it tickles the parts of our neural networks that need to be tickled right now. *

to do our usual butterfly-pinning: first draft 11th november 2010, take we're for now content with 19th november 2010, some noodling between, additional noodling due.

edit 28th november 2010: 'additional noodling' done today.

edit, 25th october 2012: this was re-named bipolar binary for the final shamania track listing.

* for those with a yearning to tell their friends about this track and wondering how it's pronounced, we like to pronounce [ - ] 'ahhhhh'.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


another newbie track, friends is destined - in its jejune way - for everything we ever were.

created tonight, 17th november 2010, seeds sown in sound-sketches from the past few days. it needs a further tinker, which we'll do the next time there is sleep that won't come and walls that need to be bounced off of.

our latest tracks, we should say, follow one of two paths. there are those bound for album three, everything we ever were - which are pert and pertinent - and those intended for the album which will come after. which we're not even sure constitute 'music' in any sense of the word. the themes of that (planned, still mutant, still doodling) album are bipolarity, creativity, medication, hypomania, anhedonia, on top of the world looking down on creation. that album will be called shamania.

in the meantime, we're also working on the ascending a line in the sky to sothis mix. we still intend to have that completed by the end of the year; watch this space.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

everybody goes

another new track though still very much in draft form, everybody goes was created on 16th november 2011.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

not me / he knows the use of ashes

two new tracks, not me and he knows the use of ashes.

both feature voice, both clock in at less than three minutes, and one (not me) even features some percussion! fear not, a return to our conventional ten minute plus moody meanderings will be here ere long.

not me was created today, 14th november 2010. he knows the use of ashes is a little older. we did the first draft of that on the laptop in the red lion pub in avebury, wiltshire, on 15th october 2010 (at that point it was called the side effects of october; we've reassigned that title to another - as yet incomplete - track), revisited it on 30th october 2010 (looking back, we did a lot of music that weekend; desert star 1, tesseract, lie to me, another track called be with me that we've still not finished, and this one, along with finalising gehenna now), and finished it off yesterday, 13th november. all the tracks named in this post are destined for our third album, which will be called everything we ever were and will be out early next year.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

ascending a line in the sky to sothis

herewith, as promised, details of our second album ascending a line in the sky to sothis, which will hopefully release next month if we finish the mix by then. at the bottom of this post you'll find the cover art, which is by our friend debb rooken-smith and which we like very much.

current track listing:

1. sothis rising (8.12)
2. to please the moon (10.13)
3. sun king (22.05)
4. do you love? (9.11)
5. the opening of the mouth (18.28)
6. coming forth by day (9.45)
(total time: 1:17:51)

timings are approximate until we finish the mix, but we doubt they'll vary much. all tracks were created between june and august of this year (at the same time as we were working on the gehenna now material). you can hear preliminary versions of some tracks on our myspace page.

why sothis? and why so sirius? those of you who know what sothis means, and dog-days, and their significance to darren francis, shouldn't have to ask.



we like to plan ahead. even before gehenna now was released, we already had our next two albums worked out, with a third in draft. we'll post more news on album two shortly. it's all done save that a few tracks need a better mix. album three is fully worked out, albeit four tracks (out of thirteen) only exist in our heads at the moment. more news on that once album two is out of the gates.

in the meantime we've re-named a couple of tracks. thursday to wednesday has become thursday to wednesday [into the void] and sunday to tuesday has become sunday to tuesday [no one calls]. both these distinctions will make more sense when you see and hear the track listing for the album they're intended for (number three, in case you're wondering).

following the recent alternate mix of everybody gets elves, which you can download for free at our logos free track of the week page, we've re-worked several other gehenna now tracks. the first is a new version of hollow hills of london, which restructures (and truncates) the eight minute introduction to the original.

if anybody else fancies having a go at remixing some of the gehenna now tracks, drop us a line.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

[ / ]

a new track, [ / ] (yes, that is what it's called...)* was created on the day and evening of 7th november 2010. what does it portend? who's to tell?

we do admit that this is rather an odd track (as are most of the tracks we've done this last month or so). we're not even sure if it qualifies as 'music', whatever that means. in creating it, we wanted it to sound as if the listener's brain was bleeding (though not in a painful way; more like cranial surgery with a local anaesthetic). that's certainly how it sounded to us, late into the night, listening to this track loud on headphones, and certainly how our (collective and third mind) brain feels of late, and late into the night.

you're welcome, by the way.

it may or may not make its way onto our myspace player shortly; since it's nearly half an hour long we'll wait until we don't want to do anything else.** more likely, we'll upload an edit or excerpt.

is there really any need for this track to be quite that long, you may be wondering... we think there is, don't think it would work as well if it were shorter. and - in what is a first after having produced 38 logos tracks in the last six months - this one has percussion! the revelations never cease.... ***

edit, 25th october 2012: this was cut from the final track listing of shamania as we didn't feel that it fitted with the flow of the album. it remains unreleased.

* how is that pronounced, you might be wondering? we like to pronounce it "hmmmmm....."

** uploading tracks to myspace is painfully slow and cripples one's net conection, even if the files aren't that big (most of our tracks - at 320kbps mp3 and averaging ten or eleven minutes - work out at about 25 to 30 mb, which we don't consider big at all) - this last week, we've uploaded lots of new tracks, generally begin the upload then leave it and play fallout new vegas instead, returning once the upload is complete.

*** albeit it's not a conventional percussion track, though it's not - as one person commented - "seemingly designed just to annoy the listener..."****

**** [edit, 10th november 2010]: it's now on our myspace player. do let us know if it pisses you off much as it seems to everybody else. we love it, personally... but then we would. feel a bit like that proud yet full-fathomed father in eraserhead, wondering what to make of the eldritch mess in the cot yet siren-sung by the lady in the radiator. in our heaven, everything is always fine.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

logos free track of the week # 1

every week*, we're going to make a track of ours available to download for free. it may be an already-released track, or it may be a new or unreleased track, or an alternate version.

we'll post an update here, and on our facebook page, twitter, myspace etc, to let you know when we've added a new track.

today's track is an alternate version of everybody gets elves. note that when we update with our second free track everybody gets elves will come down, so if you want it get it sooner rather than later.

* in much the same way that - we're told - logos' music seems to distort perceptions of time and space, the term 'week' here should not be taken as referring to seven consecutive periods of 24 hours.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

lie to me

another new track (we've said that phrase so often, we need to think up some more creative ways of expressing it...), created on 3rd november 2010 from elements of another (unfinished and discarded) track we were tinkering with on 29th october, and finalised this evening.

edit, 26th november 2010: we have since re-shaped and re-titled this track to [ # ] for our shamania album. when we first created lie to me we were also starting to sketch tracks for shamania, have now realised that we slotted this particular piece into the wrong album by mistake and that stylistically it fits much better there than it does on everything we ever were. the more we shape everything we ever were, the less it suits. the more we shape shamania, the better a home it has there.

edit, 25th october 2012: this was cut from the final track listing of shamania as we didn't feel that it fitted with the flow of the album. it remains unreleased.

thursday to wednesday [into the void]

this 'new' track was created on 3rd november 2010. we say 'new' because it's a re-structured, re-worked, and re-titled version of the track inkling, created at the end of july 2010. inking no longer exists as such (although we do have an mp3 of the preliminary version).

edit, 25th october 2012: at one point this was scheduled to appear on shamania, but we cut it from the final track listing as we didn't feel that it fitted with the flow of the album. it remains unreleased.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

tesseract [deepblue2519 reprise]

tesseract (deepblue2519 reprise) is a new track, though sibling to our earlier track deepblue2519 which we still love for its absurdity and for the absurdity of its creation. we did the first run-through of this on 30th october 2010, and finalised it today, 3rd november 2010. 30th october was of course the night we were getting the gehenna now album ready for release (and will now admit, though we said the mix had been finished a few weeks prior, that we did remix those three bones * about 30 minutes before gehenna now went on sale. ahh the luxury/allowed indulgence of digital releases!). no matter now, gehenna now is past, and all else is future.

* what did we remix? there was a particular transition point midway through the track which we were happy with but never that happy with, and were suddenly struck with a way of rendering better.**

** and no doubt could still find same for every track on the album, over and over and never finalised, but now it's released with all failings intact and with closure for us we endeavour not to listen to it again. as we say, all is future.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

gehenna now

our album gehenna now is now available. go to to listen to the album in its entirety and - if you fancy - download.

track listing as follows:

1. hollow hills of london
2. everybody gets elves
3. tectonic states
4. those three bones
5. heaven can wait
6. gehenna now
7. volo ergo sum
8. dunwich beach, september 2001 [a fragment]

all tracks by logos. alessa otto: everything. darren francis: everything else, and voice on hollow hills of london.

all tracks recorded at dfl studios, aylesbury, bucks, spring and summer 2010. cover design by darren francis, sun artwork by jason oliver. this album is dedicated to debb, there until the final cut x

Saturday, 30 October 2010

desert star 1

another new track, desert star 1 was created on 29th october 2010. you can hear it at our myspace music player.

now that myspace allows a maximum of 25 tracks on their music players, we've uploaded plenty of new tracks, including the entire of our gehenna now album and a few others that you'll never have heard before. we'll be loading more tracks over the next week too. go to to have a listen.

edit, 25th september 2012: this track appears on our shamania album under the name hypogirl.

Monday, 25 October 2010

23 seconds ov time

we're very pleased to announce that we have a track on the forthcoming compilation album 23 seconds ov time. full details here:

the track is a 23 second (yes, you did read that correctly) version of do you love? from our forthcoming second album, ascending a line in the sky to sothis. we'll be posting more details on that once gehenna now is released; we expect to have ascending a line in the sky to sothis out before too long. all tracks are recorded, we just need to finish mixing them.

Saturday, 23 October 2010


we finished mixing the gehenna now album two weeks back and we're currently finalising the artwork. release date is 31st october 2010. an apt date? of course.

we've done a new track tonight, deepblue2519. odd but interesting, we like it. fire in the mind indeed.

regarding darren francis' voice at the end of this track, df had originally intended to record something very different but these 'aside' comments were what we liked best about that recording and what we opted to use in the end. there may or may not be other things buried deep in the mix if you listen hard enough.... we'll bung it on one or another of our online profiles anon.

on that note, this last week we've re-jigged our myspace, facebook, and reverbnation playlists with new mixes of gehenna now tracks and other tracks. have a listen if you fancy.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

sunday to tuesday [no one calls]

this new track was created on 15th october 2010, though in a sense it isn't new. it's a re-structured, re-worked and re-titled version of the track mutable, which was created on 27th july and 13th august. the track mutable itself no longer exists as such (although we do still have an mp3 and/or flac file of it somewhere). we think the new version is much better, but then we would.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


we've just completed a new track, dreamer. we've worked on this track on and off over the last few days or so, with the bulk of the work on 11th and 12th october.

we've also finished mixing the gehenna now album. news on release date etc shortly.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

gehenna now update

we've now finalised (honestly, this time....) the track listing for our gehenna now album, as follows:

1. hollow hills of london
2. everybody gets elves
3. tectonic states
4. those three bones
5. heaven can wait
6. gehenna now
7. volo ergo sum
8. dunwich beach, september 2001 [a fragment]

total running time is a little under 1 hour 20 minutes.

we need to do some final mixing/tweaking to a couple of the tracks, then it's done, at which point we'll post a link where you can listen to the whole album online and - should you desire - buy a copy. initially it'll be a digital release only (your choice of file format) but we'll make cd copies available before long too, for those who prefer a more tactile medium for their music.

Friday, 1 October 2010

the porpoise principle

new track. we did the first version of this back on 12th september 2010, and have re-crafted it tonight.

what is 'the porpoise principle' exactly, you may be wondering? wait and see once we stick the track online (as we said in our last post, once the album is done with we'll re-work all our online playlists). it amused us, anyway.

edit, 24th november 2010: we have now scrapped this track since most elements of it have been recycled for anhedoniac.

the porpoise principle was originally intended for our album ascending a line in the sky for sothis - and would have slotted between to please the moon and sun king. no matter; in anhedoniac it now has a home, albeit a rather different one and in rather different form to that originally intended. we do still have the original, however, and may bung it out at some point in future for your entertainment.

edit, 14th may 2011: in our finalising the ascending a line in the sky to sothis album mix, we put this track back in. we'd originally omitted it because including it made the album too long (we use the maximum 80 minutes guideline for the length of an album, i.e. how much would fit on a single cd) but since the final mix of the track sothis rising ended up much shorter than the preliminary version - less than a minute and a half compared to the eight and a half original - we could slot the porpoise principle back in where it belongs.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

the looming tower

another new track. the looming tower was begun 25th september 2010, and re-worked on 27th september 2010. listening to it now, it may well get a final tweak in the next day or two; we'll see. knowing us, we'll end up adding a new bunch of elements to it and then taking them off again a couple of days later having decided we've over-egged it.

once we've finished work on our album we'll re-jig all the playlists on our various profiles to accommodate some final mixes of gehenna now tracks and some of the new tracks we've not had chance to put online yet. more details anon.

update, 10th november 2010: this track was formerly known as fire in the mind. we've re-named it as we have another (part-completed) track which has to be called fire in the mind, for reasons we'll elaborate on once we finalise it.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

hey jim

our first new track in what seems a while to us (although we see - looking back here - that it's been just over two weeks), hey jim was created on the evenings of 19th and 20th september 2010, with some final editing on 21st september 2010. we weren't intending on creating a new track, but the bones of the backing track to this piece arose by accident whilst re-working the track dunwich beach, september 2001 [a fragment] and provided a good opportunity for us to use a number of samples we've had ear-marked for a while.

we're very nearly done with the final mixing of our gehenna now album; as predicted in previous posts, the track listing has changed several times in the last few days and weeks. we'll post the final listing once we're done with it. we had hoped to be finished by autumn equinnox, but it's taken a little longer than we anticipated; hopefully in the next few days.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

gehenna now

we're currently finalising our first album - titled gehenna now - for release in the autumn. we also now have a profile at bandcamp - - where you'll be able to download high quality mp3 tracks. more news, and a definite release date, once we have it.

Saturday, 4 September 2010


another new track, which slipped out of its own accord in amongst our reworking of tracks for our debut album. sidereal is another 'drone'-style piece, in a similar vein to anodyne. first draft 18th august 2010, revision 4th september 2010.

every sound used in this track is taken from other logos tracks. maybe when we finally release the album sidereal appears on we'll run a competition; first person to guess the source of those sounds wins something special. what exactly? we're not sure yet. something good, though...

edit, 25th october 2012: the version of this track on shamania was re-worked quite substantially; this original mix was just over 20 minutes long, with subtle and numerous differences throughout.

Monday, 30 August 2010

news update

a great deal has happened on planet logos since our last update. we're finalising the track listing for our first album, and re-working those chosen tracks. it's currently (1) hollow hills of london, (2) everybody gets elves, (3) heaven can wait, (4) gehenna now, (5) volo ergo sum, (6) tectonic states, (7) manunkind, and (8) dunwich beach, september 2001 [a fragment]. it may be different a few days or weeks or seconds hence, mutable until we've got a play-list that'll fit onto a single disk. as well as re-working those tracks, we're also working on some new music and expect to have some new tracks for you all to hear very shortly.

we now have a profile at soundcloud - amongst other things, this allows us to place player files for individual tracks wherever we want and we've started by posting all our soundcloud tracks directly on this blog. you'll see them all to the right of this post. this allows you to listen to our tracks without needing to navigate away from this page. note that all the tracks we've posted on soundcloud so far are re-worked and re-mixed versions of older tracks. give them a listen.

it never ceases to amuse us; four months ago we'd never made music, started doing this by accident and people seem to much-like what we do and - some of the time - we much-like what we do. sliding each which way by day by day, from an intellectual folly to a pill-count to a sound stage to a drunk diversion to something in which we can lose ourselves to an emotional black hole. all just grist for the mill.

* Edit, October 2010: We've taken the soundcloud audio files of here for the moment, since all the soundcloud files are out of date and we've not had time to re-load them; we'll put them back up once we've finished mixing the album.

Friday, 13 August 2010


new track. first draft done on 27th july 2010, finalised on 13th august 2010. another anodyne / inkling-style 'drone' track.

those curious about our musical sources may be interested to know that this entire track is derived from a sample which we also used on the track do you love?

update, 19th october 2010: please note that this track no longer exists as such (though we still have an mp3 of the preliminary version). it was re-structured, re-worked and re-named sunday to tuesday [no one calls] on 15th october 2010.

Friday, 6 August 2010

do you love?

new track, started on 4th august 2010 and finished on 6th august 2010.

you see how this two dates per track' thing works now? (the emotional and spiritual and whajamacallit essence - if you will - captured on one night, the sheen and presentability of the track looked into another night). sorry if that sound pretentious or flippant. as for do you love?... know that we like this track very much at the moment, but have little desire to listen to it. it harrows us to hell.


Monday, 2 August 2010


created on 26th july 2010 and 30th july 2010. this is another long 'drone' track in a similar style to anodyne (which you can now hear on our myspace page).

update, 4th november 2010: please note that this track no longer exists as such (though we still have an mp3 of the original version). it was re-structured, re-worked, and re-named thursday to wednesday [into the void] on 4th november 2010.

Saturday, 24 July 2010


another weekend, another new track. first draft july 15th, finalised - this draft at least - july 22nd.

know that the music we've made in july this year, the names we've given those tracks, and the dates on which we made them, are all significant. for reasons we don't care to explain. that's fine; if you know us personally, you'll get those resonances. if you don't, hopefully you'll still enjoy the music on its own merits.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

to please the moon

another new track, and already one of our personal favourites. this was created more or less in its entirety on 15th july 2010, with some very minor tweaking on 16th july 2010. we'll put it online anon; it's very late here (nigh on 5am) and we're tired. there are a few more tracks, which we've been working on in the last couple of days; we'll let you know about them when they're done.


Friday, 16 July 2010


herewith the provisional track listing for the first logos album:

1. those three bones 2. canticle 3. heaven can wait 4. gehenna now 5. volo ergo sum 6. manunkind 7. ice age

we intend to start re-working and finalising these tracks shortly. this listing may be subject to change, especially if we can fit more tracks on. if a particular favourite track of yours is not included therein, don't worry; we've also outlined provisional track listings for another few albums, with tracks being arranged or sequenced thematically and by personal association. for example, the second and third track listings are currently as follows:

1. hollow hills of london 2. everybody gets elves 3. enoch's ladder 4. black helicopters over highgate 5. tectonic states 6. hymn to pan 7. dunwich beach, september 2001 (a fragment)

1. sophis rising 2. to please the moon 3. sun king 4. do you love? 5. the opening of the mouth 6. sophis setting

yes, you won't have heard of some of those tracks as we've not yet finished them.

more news anon.

Monday, 12 July 2010

coming forth by day / dunwich beach, september 2001 [a fragment]

we've recently completed two new tracks; dunwich beach, september 2001 [a fragment], and coming forth by day.

dunwich beach, september 2001 (a fragment) was begun on 4th july 2010 and finalised on 8th july 2010. as the name suggests, the final track is a much-distilled fragment of a longer original. we expect to re-work and finalise the full-length version at some point. as the name also suggests, there's an allusion to a similarly named brian eno track. dunwich beach does have a specific ratio for us, though, in particular dunwich beach in september 2001.

coming forth by day was begun on 9th july 2010, and finished on 12th july 2010. do we want to say any more? not specifically.


Friday, 25 June 2010


we've just re-jigged the playlists on our myspace, facebook, and reverbnation pages. we currently have 16 tracks in all, and each of them is now available to hear on at least one of those sites. we hope in future to maintain this (until we have too many tracks to render it feasible) so that different and unique playlists are available on each site, with every track available on at least one. we won't itemise it all here, except to say that we've just loaded versions of previously unposted tracks as follows; ice age to facebook, and a drastic edit of sun king (13'26" as opposed to the full 22'05") to myspace.

more tracks on their way.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

sun king

we've just finished a new track, named sun king. we started this one last night - 17th june 2010 - and have worked on it further tonight, 18th june 2010. we'll upload a version and/or edit of it in due course. we say "version and/or edit" because the complete piece runs to 22 minutes 06 seconds.

if it seems that we are obsessive in recording the minutae of every track, of when it was recorded and when re-worked, know that we do so primarily for our benefit; so that we have an archive. we don't doubt that a few years from now looking back on the process will be interesting (for us at least) and as any true muso knows - and we are that if nothing else - being able to chart the exact moment a piece of music you love was bought into this world, its progress from first notion to final render and the mad chain that took it there, is fulfilling. as place to be, and as history, and as place to be therein.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

ice age

another new track, completed 15th june 2010, though we've not put this one online yet.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

sothis rising

another new track, this was done on 5th june 2010 with some (very) minor tinkering on 12th june 2010. we've just uploaded it to reverbnation if you want to listen.


edit, 14th may 2011: the version on ascending a line in the sky to sothis is so different to this original eight and a half minute mix we did back in june 2010 that we may well put the preliminary draft out as a logos free track of the week. you can still hear the essence of what this track became in there, but it's an entirely other - though crude and primitive - beast.

the opening of the mouth

we've just uploaded another track, the opening of the mouth. the bulk of this piece was done on 8th june 2010, with some minor tinkering on 11th june 2010.

you can hear this track on our myspace page; we're not uploading it to reverbnation due to its length (14.27; that being the ahem edited version...).


Friday, 11 June 2010

heaven can wait

we've just uploaded a new track, heaven can wait, which you can hear at our myspace, reverbnation and facebook pages (see previous post for links to save us having to repeat them all here).

this track was begun on the evening of 9th june 2010, and finished on 10th june 2010. thanks to marshall applewhite for the inspiration.

we have several other half-finished tracks which we'll upload when they're done; hopefully at least another one this weekend.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

following logos

this post is intended to round up all the different logos pages across the internet so that you can follow us dependent on what pages you're signed up to. add us if you have accounts on any of these pages:

logos on myspace

logos on reverbnation

logos on twitter


Promote your Page too

note that different selections of tracks will be available on different sites, depending on that site's parameters; for example myspace allow a maximum of ten tracks, so our favourite tracks will be found there. reverbnation has no limit to the number of tracks but allows files to be a maximum of 8mb, therefore our longer tracks won't be found there due to the fact that we'd have to render them at unsatisfactorily low bit-rates. facebook don't seem to have any limit other than a 15mb maximum file size, which should be ample for most purposes, but we're still finding our way round the vagaries of facebook. and so haven't been able to exploit it as much as we'd like and intend to (the rule as to which of our tracks you'll find on facebook generally being whichever ones we're able to load without getting 'unknown error'-type messages...).


we've just uploaded a new track, manunkind.

this track was recorded over the evenings of 1st, 3rd and 4th june, and features text by e e cummings ('pity this busy monster, manunkind'), our favourite cummings poem.

hear it at our myspace, reverbnation, or facebook pages.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

volo ergo sum

we've uploaded a new track, volo ergo sum, to our reverbnation, facebook and myspace pages.

this track was recorded on 21st may 2010, with some additional work on 22nd may 2010. the voice is taken from this youtube video from the botany 101 channel:

update, 11th june 2010: this video has since been removed by the uploader.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

conduit closing / tectonic states

we've uploaded two new tracks to our myspace page.

conduit closing was begun on 28th april 2010, with the finishing touches being done on 13th may 2010.

further explanation of this track's title can be found within this crop circle from august 2002.

the second new track is tectonic states; this track was crafted on 14th may 2010, and came about completely by accident; whilst working with samples intended for another (unfinished) track we stumbled upon these sounds, which took on a form of their own and demanded their own separate life. we do intend to revisit and re-shape this track before long.

note, 3rd July 2010 - tectonic states was formerly known as you are that; following the renaming, we have edited this post and the tags below

Monday, 10 May 2010

unified field object

another new track. again, we've uploaded this one to myspace but not to reverbnation due to its length.

the bulk of this track was done on the evening of 8th may 2010, with some re-sculpting on 10th may 2010.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

those three bones

our latest track is now available to listen to on our myspace and reverbnation pages.

this track was recorded over the evenings of 6th and 7th may 2010, with some slight re-structuring on 8th may.

we have several other half-finished tracks we've been working on in the last week, which we'll finalise and put online anon.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

enoch's ladder

we've uploaded a new track, enoch's ladder, to our myspace page. we've not put this on the reverbnation page as due to its length we'd have had to render it at an unsatisfactorily low bit-rate (reverbnation allows files to be a maximum of 8mb).

we started this track late on the evening of 29th april 2010, but the bulk of it was done on the evening on 30th april. on the same evening we also re-worked the track gehenna now slightly; you can hear the new version of that on both reverbnation and myspace pages.

update, 22nd december 2010: we have since scrapped this track. all elements have been recycled elsewhere (with the exception of the crowley sample), in the shamania tracks [ + ] and [ - / + ]

Monday, 26 April 2010

everybody gets elves

new track available to hear online. recorded 24th april 2010, with some minor re-working 25th april 2010.

hear it at our myspace page or at our reverbnation page.

yes, but what does it all mean? you may be wondering. where does it all lead? stay tuned; more news anon.

Saturday, 24 April 2010


logos in its current incarnation was founded in aylesbury, bucks, april 2010, though the name has been used by darren francis for musical projects for some years.

we have recorded three tracks so far: gehenna now (18th-19th april), canticle (21st-22nd april), and hollow hills of london (23rd april). more tracks are on their way.

find us on myspace at:

and on reverbnation at:

live appearances are unlikley for the moment.