Tuesday, 28 September 2010

the looming tower

another new track. the looming tower was begun 25th september 2010, and re-worked on 27th september 2010. listening to it now, it may well get a final tweak in the next day or two; we'll see. knowing us, we'll end up adding a new bunch of elements to it and then taking them off again a couple of days later having decided we've over-egged it.

once we've finished work on our album we'll re-jig all the playlists on our various profiles to accommodate some final mixes of gehenna now tracks and some of the new tracks we've not had chance to put online yet. more details anon.

update, 10th november 2010: this track was formerly known as fire in the mind. we've re-named it as we have another (part-completed) track which has to be called fire in the mind, for reasons we'll elaborate on once we finalise it.


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  2. What an oddly apposite bit of spam. We may have to download that stuff and sample the hell out of it.