Tuesday, 9 November 2010


we like to plan ahead. even before gehenna now was released, we already had our next two albums worked out, with a third in draft. we'll post more news on album two shortly. it's all done save that a few tracks need a better mix. album three is fully worked out, albeit four tracks (out of thirteen) only exist in our heads at the moment. more news on that once album two is out of the gates.

in the meantime we've re-named a couple of tracks. thursday to wednesday has become thursday to wednesday [into the void] and sunday to tuesday has become sunday to tuesday [no one calls]. both these distinctions will make more sense when you see and hear the track listing for the album they're intended for (number three, in case you're wondering).

following the recent alternate mix of everybody gets elves, which you can download for free at our logos free track of the week page, we've re-worked several other gehenna now tracks. the first is a new version of hollow hills of london, which restructures (and truncates) the eight minute introduction to the original.

if anybody else fancies having a go at remixing some of the gehenna now tracks, drop us a line.

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