Tuesday, 9 November 2010

ascending a line in the sky to sothis

herewith, as promised, details of our second album ascending a line in the sky to sothis, which will hopefully release next month if we finish the mix by then. at the bottom of this post you'll find the cover art, which is by our friend debb rooken-smith and which we like very much.

current track listing:

1. sothis rising (8.12)
2. to please the moon (10.13)
3. sun king (22.05)
4. do you love? (9.11)
5. the opening of the mouth (18.28)
6. coming forth by day (9.45)
(total time: 1:17:51)

timings are approximate until we finish the mix, but we doubt they'll vary much. all tracks were created between june and august of this year (at the same time as we were working on the gehenna now material). you can hear preliminary versions of some tracks on our myspace page.

why sothis? and why so sirius? those of you who know what sothis means, and dog-days, and their significance to darren francis, shouldn't have to ask.


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