Saturday, 5 June 2010

following logos

this post is intended to round up all the different logos pages across the internet so that you can follow us dependent on what pages you're signed up to. add us if you have accounts on any of these pages:

logos on myspace

logos on reverbnation

logos on twitter


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note that different selections of tracks will be available on different sites, depending on that site's parameters; for example myspace allow a maximum of ten tracks, so our favourite tracks will be found there. reverbnation has no limit to the number of tracks but allows files to be a maximum of 8mb, therefore our longer tracks won't be found there due to the fact that we'd have to render them at unsatisfactorily low bit-rates. facebook don't seem to have any limit other than a 15mb maximum file size, which should be ample for most purposes, but we're still finding our way round the vagaries of facebook. and so haven't been able to exploit it as much as we'd like and intend to (the rule as to which of our tracks you'll find on facebook generally being whichever ones we're able to load without getting 'unknown error'-type messages...).

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