Monday, 30 August 2010

news update

a great deal has happened on planet logos since our last update. we're finalising the track listing for our first album, and re-working those chosen tracks. it's currently (1) hollow hills of london, (2) everybody gets elves, (3) heaven can wait, (4) gehenna now, (5) volo ergo sum, (6) tectonic states, (7) manunkind, and (8) dunwich beach, september 2001 [a fragment]. it may be different a few days or weeks or seconds hence, mutable until we've got a play-list that'll fit onto a single disk. as well as re-working those tracks, we're also working on some new music and expect to have some new tracks for you all to hear very shortly.

we now have a profile at soundcloud - amongst other things, this allows us to place player files for individual tracks wherever we want and we've started by posting all our soundcloud tracks directly on this blog. you'll see them all to the right of this post. this allows you to listen to our tracks without needing to navigate away from this page. note that all the tracks we've posted on soundcloud so far are re-worked and re-mixed versions of older tracks. give them a listen.

it never ceases to amuse us; four months ago we'd never made music, started doing this by accident and people seem to much-like what we do and - some of the time - we much-like what we do. sliding each which way by day by day, from an intellectual folly to a pill-count to a sound stage to a drunk diversion to something in which we can lose ourselves to an emotional black hole. all just grist for the mill.

* Edit, October 2010: We've taken the soundcloud audio files of here for the moment, since all the soundcloud files are out of date and we've not had time to re-load them; we'll put them back up once we've finished mixing the album.

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