Saturday, 15 May 2010

conduit closing / tectonic states

we've uploaded two new tracks to our myspace page.

conduit closing was begun on 28th april 2010, with the finishing touches being done on 13th may 2010.

further explanation of this track's title can be found within this crop circle from august 2002.

the second new track is tectonic states; this track was crafted on 14th may 2010, and came about completely by accident; whilst working with samples intended for another (unfinished) track we stumbled upon these sounds, which took on a form of their own and demanded their own separate life. we do intend to revisit and re-shape this track before long.

note, 3rd July 2010 - tectonic states was formerly known as you are that; following the renaming, we have edited this post and the tags below

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