Monday, 12 July 2010

coming forth by day / dunwich beach, september 2001 [a fragment]

we've recently completed two new tracks; dunwich beach, september 2001 [a fragment], and coming forth by day.

dunwich beach, september 2001 (a fragment) was begun on 4th july 2010 and finalised on 8th july 2010. as the name suggests, the final track is a much-distilled fragment of a longer original. we expect to re-work and finalise the full-length version at some point. as the name also suggests, there's an allusion to a similarly named brian eno track. dunwich beach does have a specific ratio for us, though, in particular dunwich beach in september 2001.

coming forth by day was begun on 9th july 2010, and finished on 12th july 2010. do we want to say any more? not specifically.


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