Friday, 16 July 2010


herewith the provisional track listing for the first logos album:

1. those three bones 2. canticle 3. heaven can wait 4. gehenna now 5. volo ergo sum 6. manunkind 7. ice age

we intend to start re-working and finalising these tracks shortly. this listing may be subject to change, especially if we can fit more tracks on. if a particular favourite track of yours is not included therein, don't worry; we've also outlined provisional track listings for another few albums, with tracks being arranged or sequenced thematically and by personal association. for example, the second and third track listings are currently as follows:

1. hollow hills of london 2. everybody gets elves 3. enoch's ladder 4. black helicopters over highgate 5. tectonic states 6. hymn to pan 7. dunwich beach, september 2001 (a fragment)

1. sophis rising 2. to please the moon 3. sun king 4. do you love? 5. the opening of the mouth 6. sophis setting

yes, you won't have heard of some of those tracks as we've not yet finished them.

more news anon.

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