Tuesday, 8 March 2011


the latest logos track in what seems like too long, hypoboy was created on the evening of 8th march 2011.

more new music is on its way. we've been busy of late with the final mix of ascending a line in the sky to sothis, and darren francis has been engaged in writing projects, with the recording of his second spoken-word-with-music album (which, being primarily guitar-driven, is a very different beast to the first) and with an impending house move. no worries; alessa otto will take up the slack.

we also have another couple of logos free tracks of the week on their way, one of which will be a track you've never heard before. watch this space for announcements.

[edit 25th october 2012] this is a completely different track to the one that appears under the same name on shamania. this version is unreleased. the hypoboy on shamania was originally titled [ - / + ]

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