Saturday, 22 October 2011


for a little while we've been working on the mix of our third album shamania. the current track listing (albeit still subject to change though we doubt it'll differ much) is as follows:-

1. anodyne
2. deepblue2519
3. [/]
4. [-/+]
5. fire in the mind
6. [-]
7. anhedoniac
8. [+]
9. hypoboy
10. hypogirl
11. shamania
12. bipolar binary
13. tesseract [deepblue2519 reprise]

regular readers of our blog may remember that a little while back we posted provisional track listings for two albums-in-progress, shamania and everything we ever were. everything we ever were is on indefinite hold, though a few of the tracks are scheduled for shamania.

we'll let you know when it's all finished (we're hoping it'll be this side of christmas though we're not promising anything) and will also shortly be putting out some tracks from this album for you to listen to. you can already hear provisional versions of a couple on our myspace page.

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