Sunday, 1 July 2012

logos news update july 2012

since our last news update we've finished the mix of our third album shamania, which will be released as soon as we've fixed the artwork.

herewith the track listing (nearly two and a half hours of music in all):-

01. anodyne (18.51)
02. deepblue2519 (3.44)
03. [ / ] (14.59)
04. unified field object (15.00)
05. [ - / + ] (13.33)
06. [ - ] (30.44)
07. hypogirl (5.45)
08. shamania (18.15)
09. sidereal (21.30)
10. tesseract [deepblue2519 reprise] (3.42)

we're also arranging cd editions of our three albums gehenna now, ascending a line in the sothis, and shamania. this will be after shamania is released. the shamania timings and track listing will differ to the digital version detailed above.

once shamania is released, darren francis will be taking a break from logos to concentrate on writing projects. this doesn't mean that logos will be put on hold; we'll still be putting out new free tracks of the week, the cd editions mentioned above, and working on tracks for our as-yet-untitled fourth album (which is already in progress). we also have tracks on at least one compilation album coming out this year; more details on those when we can release them.

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