Sunday, 19 August 2012

logos news update august 2012

this news update is somewhat later than we'd anticipated; our apologies. a great many things have happened on planet logos since our last update.

our third album shamania is scheduled for release on 21st september 2012. herewith the final track listing:

01. anodyne (18.51)
02. deepblue2519 (3.44)
03. unified field object (15.00)
04. [+/-] (13.33)
05. hypogirl (5.45)
06. [-] (30.44)
07. shamania (18.15)
08. sidereal (21.30)
09. tesseract [deepblue2519 reprise] (3.42)

this music was created between autumn  2010 and spring 2011, with the final mix in summer 2012.

we know we said that following the release of shamania we'd take a break from logos so that darren francis could focus on writing projects, but it hasn't worked out that way. over the last month we've created a substantial amount of new music for the fourth logos album, the title of which we can now reveal will likely be santa susana blues. we currently have about an hour's worth of music for this project, spread over a dozen tracks, which we're still shaping and adding to and dividing from. it'll be finished when it's finished. that said, we're certain the construction process won't be anywhere near as extended as shamania.

we also hope to have a couple of tracks coming out on compilation tracks soon; more news on those once they're confirmed.

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