Sunday, 28 October 2012

Logos News Update October 2012

The third Logos album Shamania is now available. Herewith the track listing:-

01. anodyne (18.50)
02. deepblue2519 (03.43)
03. unified field object (14.59)
04. hypoboy (13.33)
05. hypogirl (05.44)
06. bipolar binary (30.45)
07. shamania (18.09)
08. sidereal (13.40)
09. tesseract [deepblue2519 reprise] (03.43)

That's just over two hours in all. You can listen to the whole album, and download, at

Even though we've finally finished with Shamania, there's still quite a bit in store for Logos in the near future. Logos now have a website at http:/ Expect more free tracks of the week shortly; alternate versions of tracks you'll already have heard, plus others you won't have heard at all. We have a fair few outtakes from the Shamania sessions to share with you. We also recorded the fourth Logos album, Santa Susana Blues, over the summer. We'll be returning to this material later this year and giving it a final mix; we intend that there be nothing like the delay between recording and final mix this time round. Shamania took far too long, and the material we cut ended up being enough to fill an entire second album...

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